Register now to be part of Strife's open trial weekend!

Strife Friends, it is 'The Trial of Strife: Play Test Weekend'. Gamers will be able to register today, February 2014 to gain access into The Trial of Strife for unlimited gametime over the play test weekend.

Register at to join the Strife all access weekend!

"The main purpose of the Trial of Strife weekend is to see player behavior and gameplay trends with a larger audience as part of S2 Games' closed beta development process. It will also give an opportunity for the people who are interested in Strife but have yet to gain Closed Beta access to try the game out. Additionally, S2 Games has added first iteration of matchmaking and Party Voice Chat."

During The Trial of Strife: Play Test Weekend, gamers who are already in Strife Closed Beta program will still be able to play and are encouraged to invite their friends to join in The Trials of Strife.

Leave your Strife Game ID at the comment section below so we can all start and form a group together.

7Framed is a mix of Mirror's Edge and Heavy Rain

7Framed Framed is a first person suspense action game that is currently being funded through a kick starter which explains the game, the developers and why they need the funding for the game.


Important things to note about the game is that, it is a single player campaign with multiplayer online mode in which you frame other players. It has both stealth and combat mechanics with challenging puzzles. Another enticing piece of this game is the perspective mission which allows players to replay the same mission but from a different persons perspective. Players decisions will impact the narrative as you go along.

The studio behind the game is VIE Games which is a project by Dave Massicotte from Montreal, Canada.

As of now 7Framed is still short of its $300,000 goal on kickstarted but for those who are interested and want to read more about the game and the development team here is the Kickstarter link.